About Us

CouponMatrix.com is a social shopping network that allows users to save products (such as apparel, home, and beauty products) that they discover online, name these products and share them with the community. By creating a social profile, reviewing products, and sharing new finds, CouponMatrix users participate in the next generation of the online shopping experience.

CouponMatrix's mission is to allow users to connect and rate and comment on apparel products as well as promote the discovery of products from merchants and sellers of all sizes. Because all items are selected and rated by the CouponMatrix community, the recommendations of CouponMatrix's users represent the best retail merchandise on the web. We hope that the open discussion of these products will allow for a better customer experience and will also introduce products and trends to the community.

CouponMatrix.com is part of the Apply Marketing Inc network of sites. To contact us, click here

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